Do you spend hours of your day sitting at your desk with your back slumped? Do you feel like you spend your life working, running around and fulfilling errands with no time left for self-care? Do you feel like your daily habits do not correspond to a healthy way of living?

If yes, then Level Up is the place for you!

Do not let your busy modern lives get in the way of living a healthy, balanced, well-centered lifestyle. The two things can go easily hand in hand as long as you choose the right practice, the right class, the right instructor, and the right rhythm.


Do you spend hours of your day sitting at your desk with your back slumped? Do you feel like you spend your life working, running around and fulfilling errands with no time left for self-care? Do you feel like your daily habits do not correspond to a healthy way of living?

If yes, then Level Up is the place for you!

Do not let your busy modern lives get in the way of living a healthy, balanced, well-centered lifestyle. The two things can go easily hand in hand as long as you choose the right practice, the right class, the right instructor, and the right rhythm.

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About Us

Offering an array of classes that suit all ages, levels and backgrounds, Level Up provides an innovative, collaborative and holistic approach to wellness and self-care. Our brand new, state-of-the-art facilities and expert instructors will give each member a uniquely tailored experience that will leave you feeling healthier both in body and in mind.

Our studios are bright, modern and intricately designed, providing the ideal space for you to prepare yourselves physically and mentally for a busy day ahead, or to wind down and relax after a tiring, stressful day. Even on your days off, the Level Up studios provide the perfect place for you to give yourself some much-needed and well-deserved time for self-care before embarking on your leisurely activities.


While all of our classes will help you work on your core strength, each one is uniquely designed to focus on a particular discipline or outcome. Whether you are looking to tone up, strengthen your pelvic muscles, get rid of back pain and stiffness, or just work on your overall wellbeing, our range of classes will offer you the right tools to empower you and your fitness journey.


Amela Cardaklija

Born and raised in Bosnia, Amela moved to Dubai in 2013 to join Emirates as cabin crew. After a few years of flying, she sustained a lower back injury, which brought her to Pilates. After benefiting from the practice herself, she decided to pursue it further by enrolling in a Pilates teacher training course.

When the pandemic hit, Amela decided to focus wholeheartedly on the discipline, becoming a full-time Pilates teacher. She is passionate about using Pilates to help people heal and overcome their injuries so that they can get back to their normal daily life activities. Amela is also certified in pre and post-natal Pilates practice.

Amit Sharma

I am Amit, born and raised in India, the motherland of Yoga and well-being. I am certified Yoga therapist and Naturopath. I have completed my M.Sc in Yogic science and have done Diploma in “Yoga and Naturopathy”. I started learning Yoga 14 years back and after taking a few classes it has been a part of my life and after every yoga class it’s an unexplainable feeling. My practice has helped me grow stronger, more flexible and fearless, both on and off the mat. Yoga inspires me to live each moment more mindfully. I always want to be a student of the practice and I am deeply grateful for the loving wisdom my teachers have shared with me.

In my classes, I love to combine creative sequencing, a spirit of playfulness and a dose of inspiration to help you deepen your practice. I seek to help others thrive in live by nurturing body, mind and soul with yoga, and my hope is that you step off the mat feeling refreshed, nourished, and balanced.

Charley Watson

Charley is a working professional dancer in Dubai, after many years of working professionally in the UK for multiple international artists and brands. Her passion for fitness began during her professional dance training and she aspires to assist others in reaching their fitness, flexibility and overall health and wellness goals in a sustainable, balanced and enjoyable way.

Dragana Curcic

Dragana embarked on her Pilates journey after ten years of working in the corporate world with the aim of overcoming neck injuries she had sustained during a car accident. Pilates helped her recover to the point where she fell in love with the practice and decided to pursue the path of becoming a certified Pilates instructor herself. She received her certification for Matwork and Reformer Pilates at the Pilates Moves studio in Sydney, Australia, and has since moved to Dubai to teach there. She has created her own unique style of Pilates, known as Cardio Pilates, which is recognized and taught in studios across Dubai. She is also a certified instructor of Chair Pilates and Cadillac, and finds particular enjoyment in sharing the energy she gets from her trampoline and barre classes with her students.

Elizabeth McClure-Ahmed

Elizabeth is a Sound Therapist. After working in the corporate world for over 30 years, She devoted the last ten years to studying and practicing holistic wellness. She have certifications and diplomas in Yoga: Yoga Alliance® 200 hours (YTT) Teacher Training, Anti-Gravity® Yoga, Gravity Yoga®, Yogabody® Breathing Coach, Mindfulness, Holistic Nutrition, Stress Management, Life Coaching, Body Language, Sound Therapy: Sound Therapy Practitioner 1-2-1 and Group Sound Relaxation Therapy with Soundbaths and Gongbaths.

She have been studying sound therapy since 2017, studying with Sonic Temple in Dubai, Sound Healing Academy and British Academy of Sound Therapy in the UK. I am a member of the International Therapeutic Sound Association.

Fenya Tryfoultsani

Fenya is a physical education scientist who’s passionately practices and teaches yoga for the last 15 years. Also, she is an E-RYT 500 yoga alliance master trainer, aerial yoga trainer, Pilates & barre teacher, a fitness trainer and a 2nd Dan holder in the martial art of taekwondo-do.

Fenya is a strong believer that everything can be healed through awareness of movement and her mission is to change people’s lives by improving their body functions.

Coach Fouad

Boxing Coach
Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Nutritionist
Certified Fitness Coach

January Corteza

January is a registered Yoga Medicine Therapeutic Specialist and specializes in movement support with emphasis on the spine, hips, and shoulder systems. She also specializes in myofascial (muscle pain) therapy and is an educator for RAD Mobility. January’s experience also covers other movement modalities such as Pilates Mat and Equipment, and she is a Functional Range Mobility Specialist. January holds a postgraduate degree in Anatomy from the University of Edinburgh and believes deeply in the connection between the body and mind.

She shares both her practical and theoretical knowledge with her students through her teaching modalities and expertly defined classes.

Jelena K.

Jelena will not only help you fulfill your fitness journey through extensive repetitions and consistent practice, but she will make sure you do it with fun and laughter too. She will guide you, correct you, challenge you, cry and laugh with you, and, above all, she will never allow you to quit! Whether you’re experiencing the intensity of one of her circuit/cardio workouts or feeling the power of her Matwork and Reformer Pilates classes, you will never cease to cherish the transformative journey of your body and mind.

Juliette Alexander

Juliette has been in the fitness industry for over 30 years and is a Master Trainer in Pilates mat and reformer. She is a qualified Active IQ Tutor and Assessor, training and certifying the trainer. Her specialised training methods include a Diploma in NeuroPilates as well as specialised certifications in Injuries and corrective exercise (rehabilitation), Pre & Post-natal exercise, menopause, Pilates chair and Merrithew Barre instructor. She is also a highly qualified REPs Level 3 Personal trainer, Les Mills Bodypump instructor, Metafit, circuit training, boot camp training, group exercise classes (ETM), Bounce Fit & Aquafit.  Juliette is extremely passionate about getting everyone to move! No matter your age, gender or where you are on your fitness journey, her aim is to improve your overall health, posture, muscle tone, strength, and to help you reduce stress levels and boost your mental health via movement.

Juliette genuinely cares about her clients and wants to help you achieve your health and fitness goals through an experience that is fun, makes you happy, more confident and stronger in your mind and body.   She is also a highly qualified REPs Level 3 Personal trainer, Les Mills Bodypump instructor, Metafit, circuit training, boot camp training, group exercise classes (ETM), Bounce Fit & Aquafit. 


Christine, aka Kiki, came to Pilates after a full corporate career working for international IT corporations. Pilates improved the quality of her own health and lifestyle so much that she set out to introduce others to the transformative discipline as well. She became a certified Pilates instructor with specialized degrees in Scoliosis and Mobility. After suffering for years from back pain and incorrect posture, she has become quick to spot and help clients suffering from the same afflictions through her customized Pilates practice.

Lama Kaddura

Lama is an advanced level Antigravity instructor, completing her certifications and teaching classes in New York whilst living there for 7 years. Living in NYC meant being on the go and hustling your way around. Always a fitness person at heart, she really enjoys being active because she loves indulging in food! Working out means eating more without the guilt!

Lama is based in Dubai as a full-time Creative Director in the events and experience industry. Seeking the adrenaline rush Antigravity classes bring, motivates her to find the time to teach her clients.

She applies her creativity in classes by setting challenges to ensure that everyone walks out feeling accomplished, both mentally and physically!

If there is one thing she believes in is this: fear is your worst enemy! At the end of the day, you are the curator of your life. So when you wake up in the morning, take control of your life, distance yourself from anything negative and you will grow wings and fly!

Liris Mosquera

Professional dancer, Personal Trainer Level 3, Pilates Instructor Level 3, Dance instructor Pre-and-post Natal Exercises Instructor, and Barre instructor. Liris Mosquera, a dance and fitness instructor with over 20 years’ experience in the entertainment and fitness industry, delivers a variety of feel-good classes and workshops around Dubai and the UAE. Having started my dance career at an early age, opened My eyes and doors to a wide artistic and theatrical spectrum, such us Colombian Folklore, Jazz, Contemporary Dance, Classical Ballet, and most rhythms in the Latin American Culture.

Fitness and sport came into her life at the same time as her dance career, giving her the chance to understand in depth the two disciplines and the anatomy and physiology of the human body. Constantly looking to learn and improve herself to give her students better results, she has taken additional courses such as Scoliosis, brain fitness, and gait and posture correction. Her classes focus on the awareness on the anatomy side: muscles, breathing, alignment, strength, and power of the body (inner strength) as well as upbeat rhythm, coordination, and body spatial mindfulness.

Her motto: Love, respect, and take care of your body. It is a temple.

Mai Tupanan

Mai is a Pilates instructor for Mat, Reformer, Cadillac/Tower, as well as Pre&Postnatal. She decided to become an instructor having spent years trying to get my body back after the pregnancy with her lower back pain condition.  Pilates has helped her reach her personal goal and she would like to use her skills, experience, and own journey to help others.  She also love to do Yoga, Calisthenics, and go for a run. Being active always brings positive energy to her and people around.  Her goal now is to have most positive impact that she can on the lives of people that she work with; helping them become the healthiest, happiest version of themselves.


Margo is an oriental dancer and teacher with 10+ years of experience in entertainment industry started in the year 2007. She performed in Egypt, Turkey, UAE, and other countries and gave classes as well. In 2018 she got certified in Dubai and became an official bellyart instructor Level 2.  In her classes you will learn different styles of Arabic dance and classical bellydance, you will get fit, gain confidence and good mood. 

Also, Margo is MA in French language and literature, ballet, and yoga lover.

Milka Scekic

Milka carries a long history of combining movement with art. Growing up, she pursued a variety of artistic and athletic endeavors including dance, gymnastics and swimming that later led her to become PE teacher.  Throughout this journey, Milka was exposed to Pilates as a way of enhancing her performance and taking care of her body.

Upon graduating, Milka worked in wellness industry as a VIP personal trainer and mobility coach. 17y ago decided to move to Dubai to enhance her experience in deepening her knowledge of body mechanics and conditioning to further assist her students . This led her to enrolling in  variety of certification course among which she’s most proud of bodyART , MAT Pilates and Reformer.

Marta Marlo

Yoga & Unnata® Aerial Yoga Teacher, IKO Kitesurfing Instructor,
Personal Trainer.
Active traveler, healthy lifestyle & nature explorer. Blending the multidisciplinary experience, into mind & body practice. Offering guidance, through your journey of moving through life & space.
Building widely understood awareness.
Through the conscious breathing patterns, encouraging practitioners, to fully experience here & now.
In her classes, applying creative sequencing, stimulating neuromuscular connections, assisting students to discover their own potential.
Balancing strength & conditioning with mobility of your joints, leading to a stable base for daily life activities.
Utilizing aerial silk as a tool, applying the Release, Realign, Rebuild concept, taking care of the spinal health, unloading your joints & assisting adepts to explore mat asanas, from a new angle, offering support in inversions, as life looks completely different, while upside down.

Pamela Koueik

Pamela is a Lebanese/Australian and have a BA in Communication Arts. Belly dancing has always been her passion and hobby. She took it seriously 4 years ago and became a certified Belly Dance Instructor. She is also a level 2 certified Gym Instructor and in the process of finishing level 3 for Gym Personal Training. She like to inspire people to be fit, healthy and become the best version of themselves while she spread positivity.

Stefany Alvarez

Stefany is working in the fitness industry for more that 15 years as a personal trainer, group instructor and different sports. Specialize in prenatal, postnatal and Core restore therapies as LOW PRESSURE FITNESS – HYPOPRESSIVES POSTURAL, myofascial release and pelvic floor dysfunctions.

Helping each other and educating you how to take care of your body’s is my goal in each course, class and seminar which I provide from my heart.

Stefania Cabal Alvarez

I’m Stefania from Colombia, Zumba instructor  since 2017. Dancing is my passion and through Zumba I found a way to work out, have fun and make people happy, all in one. God used Zumba to save my life from depression that’s why  I decided to become an instructor to help others as well. Let’s shake our stress out…let’s shine together!

“A full-body fun workout, combining all elements of fitness—cardio, muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility + an incredible heartwarming and stress-free feeling afterwards”. Effectiveness and fun are promised.

No more counting reps, just feel the beat and let the sweat makes you shine. Go on a Zumba journey with Tefa’s unique and fun playlists, and let your body dance its way to fitness. No previous Zumba or dance experience required.”